Are you planning a visit to The Cobalt Club as a guest of a member?

Please observe the following dress code during your visit to the Cobalt Club:
Business Casual Dress
Collared Shirt or sweater
Nice jeans at a minimum (please no holes or overly worn jeans)
Dress shorts (golf shorts)
Sandals are allowed

Appropriate length skirts or dresses

No athletic apparel to include T-shirts, athletic shorts, baseball hats
No yoga pants or leggings only please
No sweatpants
No flip flops

Please make sure you conduct yourself in a respectful manner towards others in attendance.
We ask that you do not use offensive language during your visit.
Please keep in mind that many individuals use The Cobalt Club for business purposes. Please observe conduct that would be appropriate for a professional environment.

We look forward to serving you during your visit to The Cobalt Club. As a guest please know that it is our goal to make you feel at home. Our members feel comfortable and a sense of belonging. We hope you have the same experience.