The Cobalt Club

The Cobalt Club was established in 2007 with the purpose of enhancing the lifestyle of others by offering our members the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life. Our vision is to provide a very unique experience, which offers a blend of luxurious surroundings combined with personalized service not accessible in this day and age.

Many members use the club as a source of relaxation, an escape. Others utilize the Cobalt Club as a place to conduct business for client meetings, or to work uninterrupted. What ever the desire, the members know they will enjoy their experience in a controlled environment with service that is tailored to each individual.

Whether your needs are personal or professional the Cobalt Club is committed to providing elegant and tranquil surroundings. Our goal is to assist our members by eliminating the stress and rigors of everyday life by providing the ultimate escape to refresh their lives. We believe by serving others we can enrich our lives as well as those around us. Our members enjoy the opportunity to network with one another and know they are building quality, long lasting, relationships with like minded individuals. Our members have a sense of belonging and is evident that is a part of our culture when you walk through the door. We relish the opportunity to find those who desire a place like the Cobalt Club, a destination or escape to restore order to their lives.